How to Measure for New Cabinet Doors

The FIRST Most Important Thing about measuring for your doors is this: You must order the EXACT door and drawer front sizes you need. DO NOT order doors the same size as the opening, and DO NOT assume that we will somehow know exactly what size to make the door that YOU want.
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Last Few Days for Kitchen Sweepstakes! Tricks for a Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover

Need a kitchen upgrade? Complete this survey to win a $10,000 Kitchen makeover! Watching your budget? You don't have to start over to give your kitchen a face-lift. Here's a rundown of options for simple upgrades
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5 best color themes for your kitchen (Part 3)

In this 5-part series Kitchen & Bath Designs of Colorado reveals the hottest design colors for your kitchen. Here’s #3.
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Remodeling Problems To Look Out For

Older homes are nice, but they always come with issues, and a renovation is the best time to address them. Here are the most common problems found in older homes.
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Ask Us Anything: Kitchen Remodeling FAQs

From how to budget to the ROI you can expect, get straight answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on kitchen remodeling so you can begin your project with confidence.
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