Turns out, we spend far more time in the bathroom than we may have realized. An average of 3 years of our lives to be exact, and that’s just on the toilet! Surprised? Us, too. Here are 10 other fun and interesting facts about the bathroom that you may not know. 


  1. Did you know that smartphones have taken over as the most popular thing to do while using the restroom? Gone are the days of picking up a book or magazine when visiting the loo. Instead, a good 75% of us just pick up our smartphone. With this in mind, this next stat isn’t too surprising . . .
  2. Did you know that every year, an estimated 7 million phones are accidentally dropped in the toilet?! That’s a lot of smartphones! Maybe we’ll think twice before texting and flushing in the future.
  3. Here’s a random one we’ve never even thought of. Did you know that roughly 60% of people crumple toilet paper before using it while 40% of people fold it? I think it’s safe to assume which group might be the more organized of the two . . .
  4. Uh oh! We’re not too proud of this next stat. Did you know that Americans use 433 million miles of toilet paper every year? That’s enough toilet paper for a roundtrip to the sun and back. Yikes! Just another reason to buy a bidet! 
  5. Turns out, putting the seat down after using the restroom isn’t just for aesthetics. Did you know that an estimated 85% of bathroom injuries are due to falling into the toilet because the seat’s been left up? 
  6. Did you know that 1 out of every 5 people get upset if the toilet paper is put on the spool the “wrong” way? A majority of people believe that it should hang over, not under, the roll? Just for the record, we’re over-the-roll people, too. What about you?
  7. Here’s an interesting one. Did you know that 70% of guests will snoop through your bathroom cabinets when visiting the loo? What do you think? Invasion of privacy or to be expected?
  8. Did you know that the saying, “using the john” refers to Sir John Harington? Most historians agree that he devised the world’s first flush toilet in 1596. Thank you, John!
  9. Did you know that the world’s most expensive toilet belongs to the International Space Station? And we bet you’ll never guess just how much it cost . . . $19 million!
  10. Did you know that South Korea has it’s very own toilet museum? It’s located in Suwon and appropriately named Mr. Toilet House. And surprisingly, it has a 4-star rating on both Tripadvisor and Google! Make sure not to miss it the next time you’re in South Korea.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! 10 little-known bathroom facts. Does it get you thinking about your home’s bathroom? Whether you’re hoping to do a complete bathroom overhaul or just a few changes here and there, we highly recommend that you consult a designer before beginning your renovation. The designers at Kitchen & Bath Ideas have a combined 100+ years of experience to help make your dream home both functional and affordable. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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