5 best color themes for your kitchen (PART 2)

In this 5-part series Kitchen & Bath Designs of Colorado reveals the hottest design colors for your kitchen. Here’s #2.

The way to man’s heart might be through his stomach. But the Kitchen is the heart of our homes.

We’ve all been there – it’s time to change things up, let’s start with the kitchen, what color is the best option? When comes to remodeling your kitchen the first question on everyone’s minds is THE color. Yes- it’s important that your kitchen theme works with the rest of the house, but the functionality of the kitchen space allows you to differentiate and create something special for family and guests. With all possibilities open let’s explore the 5 best color options for anyone.


Bold Brown


Who doesn’t like warm wooden kitchen? No wonder it’s the second popular choice of our customers. With so many wood undertones to choose from, mix-and match options, different finishes, not to mentions wood is the most durable and easiest to repair, it is considered “the safest” option for many. Whether you have rustic, modern, contemporary, traditional, transitional or plain cozy “eye” for style, it would pair perfectly with almost any house, making everyone happy and feel like home. Our favorites are maple, hazelnut and walnut incorporated with dark painted fronts. Combined with wood butler’s pantry. Wood floor. Wood island. Wood shelves. Welcome to your one-of-a-kind gorgeous kitchen. If you’ve done your “homework”, of course!

 Here’s s why it’s a great choice with Kitchen & Bath Designs:

  • Wood has an extraordinary ability to make any space look modern and edgy, while giving it much needed warmth
  • It’s a the most practical solution to keep your kitchen durable, resistant and charismatic at the same time
  • Variety of woods available is endless and guaranteed to find the one just for you.


Final thoughts on the wooden kitchen: dark and rich browns work best in large spaces, where medium and lighter choices are best for smaller kitchens. Try not to make the classic 90s mistake – stay away from new and trendy pieces but rather go for timeless and functional. Our “thumbs up” in functionality go to Work Triangle rule. If you haven’t heard about it before, your kitchen designing life is guaranteed to get better starting about NOW. Work Triangle – is imaginary line connecting cooking place (stove), sink and fridge. The main point to keep in mind – these ”triplets” can’t be in line. You’re welcome!

Go ahead, let the magic begin. Just in case if you still can’t decide or not sure where to start, no worries give us a call, we are here to help.