The way to man’s heart might be through his stomach. But the Kitchen is the heart of our homes.

We’ve all been there – it’s time to change things up, let’s start with the kitchen, what color is the best option? When comes to remodeling your kitchen the first question on everyone’s minds is THE color. Yes- it’s important that your kitchen theme works with the rest of the house, but the functionality of the kitchen space allows you to differentiate and create something special for family and guests. With all possibilities open let’s explore the 5 best color options for anyone.


Gorgeous gray

Sophisticated and fashionable, gray shade has been gaining a well-deserved popularity in recent years. Why gray? Because your ideas are colorful! It can serve as the perfect canvas for any kitchen when done right. Cool gray, warm brown and white accents is the perfect combination, like this Bridgeport door styles we had a pleasure designing for one of our recent projects (wink-wink). Cool grays work best in kitchens that receive direct sun when you use it. Best way to determine that? Don’t decide on a color in a store. Ask for few larger samples or put some brush strokes on a white A4 paper, and see how it works in your space. Once selected, play around and pay attention how it changes throughout the day.


Here are some of our ideas to make it work:

  • Give an illusion of warmth by adding wood flooring and kitchen island

  • Try using different layers of gray

  • Mix in pops of yellow to brighten up the room

  • Choose reflective surfaces for smaller spaces or to add more room

  • Combine it with copper fixtures

Final thoughts on gray kitchen: gray can be surprisingly fun color to work with. Use it to your advantage and highlight accessories and special items for a big, bright and clean looking kitchen. It’s important to have good lighting and dimmers in darker kitchens. Create brighter space by adding glossy countertops, bringing glass materials and LED lights.

Go ahead, let the magic begin. Just in case if you still can’t decide or not sure where to start, no worries give us a call, we are here to help.


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