5 best color themes for your kitchen (PART 4)

In this 5-part series Kitchen & Bath Designs of Colorado reveals the hottest design colors for your kitchen. Here’s #4.

The way to man’s heart might be through his stomach. But the Kitchen is the heart of our homes.

We’ve all been there – it’s time to change things up, let’s start with the kitchen, what color is the best option? When comes to remodeling your kitchen the first question on everyone’s minds is THE color. Yes- it’s important that your kitchen theme works with the rest of the house, but the functionality of the kitchen space allows you to differentiate and create something special for family and guests. With all possibilities open let’s explore the 5 best color options for anyone.


Cool & Calm

Unlike the previous 3 themes with specific color options theme, think of cool and calm hues that will let you focus on relaxing aspect of the kitchen. From every day cooking to small family gatherings, try incorporating soft and pastel undertones of greens or blues that would complement any household. With this theme you can incorporate almost any style from modern and contemporary to rustic and transitional.

Few tips from our experts to keep in mind:

  • For no-fail approach try using 2 shades of the same color (emerald green and pastel green, navy  blue and sky blue

  • To warm-up the space add wood finishes on the island, floor and cabinets.

  • For a famhouse feel use soft blues combined with pale yellow, accent tiles and vintage green fridge unit


Final thoughts on cool and calm kitchen: blues and greens are very forgiving and guaranteed to give your space harmony without being overwhelming. Fun fact – blue is the world’s favorite color. It’s impossible to have 1 day in your life without seeing blue. Best part - it has no limits when it comes to fashion and style. If you are planning on a casual yet sophisticated dining area, adding a pattern on chairs always does a trick (and a benefit of hiding stain, wear and tear).

Go ahead, let the magic begin. Just in case if you still can’t decide or not sure where to start, no worries give us a call, we are here to help.


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