The way to man’s heart might be through his stomach. But the Kitchen is the heart of our homes.


We’ve all been there – it’s time to change things up, let’s start with the kitchen, what color is the best option? When comes to remodeling your kitchen the first question on everyone’s minds is THE color. Yes- it’s important that your kitchen theme works with the rest of the house, but the functionality of the kitchen space allows you to differentiate and create something special for family and guests. With all possibilities open let’s explore the 5 best color options for anyone.


Corn, carrot and cherry

These are some names for yellow, orange and red hues to give your kitchen just the right pop of color. Look at it as an extension of you, your creative side and inner Master Chef.

Bright, vibrant and full of life colors come to mind. It’s a Fruit salad full of options and inspirations. What colors excite you? Let your personality guide you. Our experts suggest creating a mood in your kitchen that is welcoming and flows with the rest your house. We are not suggesting going all 70s and transforming your kitchen into whimsical yellow. But a subtle accent color in form of backsplash, island and wall art is the suggested direction to take.


Here are some advices:

  • Look for eye-catching miss-matched tiles

  • Focus on bright kitchen tools to display

  • Incorporate 1-3 colors in the second or third part of 60/30/10 rule we mentioned earlier

  • Go for what inspires you and don’t worry about kitchen trends


Final thoughts on corn, carrot and cherry kitchen: if you don’t have a specific color in mind, start with your closet: take a closer look at your “can’t live without” pieces, notice a common theme, pattern, color, feel. Let that inspire you. But the fact you’re researching and reading this chapter deserves a round of applause. And we are giving one right now! If you are a rule-breaker, outside of the box thinker and a risk-taker – let your kitchen be your masterpiece. But we’ll take a courage to assume you already knew that. So go ahead, let the magic begin.


Just in case if you still can’t decide or not sure where to start, no worries give us a call, we are here to help.


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