Some of the most intriguing remodeling projects are happening in the bathroom. Frameless shower doors are one of the most interesting new trends in bathroom remodeling today. They are the new wave of the future when it comes to bathroom shower spaces.
Homeowners are looking at their bathrooms a little differently these days. We are moving away from traditional looks and leaning more towards modern designs. Many homeowners also desire to turn their bathrooms into spa-like spaces and the new modern shower designs are inline with this growing trend.
Modern Love
As mentioned above, there is a growing desire among homeowners to create bathrooms with more modern designs. Frameless shower doors have a beautiful, ultra contemporary look that homeowners love. Unlike the constricted look of framed showers, frameless showers have a sleek and streamlined design. They also give bathrooms an open and spacious feel.
Easy Clean Up
Frameless showers are not only beautiful, they are also super easy to clean. This is another reason why many homeowners are making the switch. Framed shower doors are well known for developing icky and unsightly mold and mildew between the glass and frame. This is diminished with these sleek showers, making them incredibly easy to clean.
Safety First
Homeowners often wonder if frameless doors are safe. Manufacturers of frameless shower doors definitely took this into consideration when developing the product. They are no more likely to shatter than regular showers. They are composed of a thick safety glass. The glass does not break into shards, but instead is designed to break into very tiny pieces with rounded edges. And the glass is very unlikely to break in any case, as it is tempered to withstand strong impacts.
These new products might just be the next generation in shower design. Their beautiful, sleek style fits perfectly into any bathroom space.