Contemporary Kitchen Style

While planning on giving your kitchen a makeover, you have no shortage of options when it comes to trends. But what style is right for you? Do you prefer Contemporary, Traditional or Transitional stylings? Like choosing the right house, furniture and appliances, choosing the perfect kitchen style requires serious thought.  Deciding will not only help you to narrow down your design options, but also save time and money focusing on the right pieces. In this 5-part blog we are breaking down everything you need to know about YOUR kitchen style.


PART 1 Contemporary Kitchen.

The word “contemporarycomes from latin and means “together with time”. That’s why the contemporary kitchen is usually described as innovative and trendy. It’s what’s fashionable NOW. Materials in a contemporary kitchen are often man-made, rather than natural -- glass, concrete, lacquer, stainless steel, granite, high gloss finishes and sleek tiles.


To create a stylish and practical look at the same time, focus on smart inbuilt storages alongside the high-tech materials and appliances. Add a “wow” factor to your kitchen by repurposing the kitchen island as a breakfast bar or even a Thanksgiving buffet station with the addition of a worktop that folds over the edge towards the floor. For a bright and airy space, consider glazed cabinet doors, minimal window treatments and mosaic backsplash.


Contemporary kitchens follow an open concept (where few or no walls enclose the room from the rest of the house,) which is great for showcasing your modern design, entertaining guests and even keeping an eye on your playing children while you cook.


But before you embrace the fishbowl approach to a kitchen beware that guests can always see your kitchen mess and appliance-cluttered countertops may not add to your décor. Contemporary spaces can have cold feel, tend to be monochromatic, and have sleek lines. Contemporary in a minimalist approach so if you have lots of colorful stuff, you’ll have a difficult time pulling it off.


That said, if you love it—go for it.


For the contemporary kitchen look for:

  • Stainless steel and metallic accents
  • White or bold-colored laminate
  • Birch, ash or maple woods
  • Frosted glass
  • Oversized hardware
  • Frameless cabinets with curved finish
  • Cutting-edge appliances
  • Decorative lighting
  • White and grey lines
  • Mosaic backsplashes.


Expert tips on creating contemporary kitchen

In order to design a contemporary kitchen that works for you, follow these 3 tips from our experts:


  • Stick to neutral color palettes combined with high contrast textures:


[snow white cabinets + floral sphere light fixtures]


  •  Combine stainless steel and wood:


[stainless steel appliances + birch wood]


  •  Incorporate new and old materials:


[smart fridge + vintage faucet]


Final Thoughts

If kitchen is the heart of your home, then contemporary kitchen is the universe for sophisticated people and personalities with a “less is more” mentality. In this kitchen, the choice of each element is carefully planned, and nothing is left to chance.


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