If you're a fan of all things retro, you'll undoubtedly want a retro kitchen design to reflect this image. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways you can create the kitchen of your nostalgic dreams. Here are just a few of them.
To form the retro skeleton of the kitchen you'll need the right floor and walls. Firstly, go for something like a black and white checkered lino floor. This alone immediately sets the perfect mood for the kitchen.
A wall made up of glass blocks screams retro and also ensures plenty of light flows into the kitchen, giving the impression of a more spacious room. This can be a difficult feature to work into your design, but is well worth the investment to achieve the perfect retro image.
Lets talk kitchen furniture and more specifically, the fridge. Retro kitchen fridges have, for a long time, been the height of fashion. Make visiting a showroom to look at Smeg fridges your first priority, as they are the original and best suppliers of old-style cold appliances.
Bar stools look great in a retro kitchen, so go for metallic stools with black cushions to match the floor and make a really bold statement of intent.
If you're brave enough and want to really go the whole hog, install a neon light. OK, it's a bit over the top but nothing says retro like neon.
These are just a few retro kitchen design ideas to help you create an aesthetically pleasing space. However, don't get so carried away with the appearance of your kitchen that you forget about its primary purpose, which is to help you carry out all your day-to-day tasks with the minimum amount of effort.