While planning on giving your kitchen a makeover, you have no shortage of options when it comes to trends. But what style is right for you? Do you prefer Contemporary, Traditional or Transitional stylings? Like choosing the right house, furniture and appliances, choosing the perfect kitchen style requires serious thought. Deciding will not only help you to narrow down your design options, but also save time and money focusing on the right pieces. In this 5-part blog we are breaking down everything you need to know about YOUR kitchen style. Here's Part 3--Rustic Kitchen.


PART 3 Rustic Kitchen


The word “rustic” comes from the Latin word rusticus which means, “of the country rural; country-like, plain, simple, rough, coarse, awkward”. The rustic style finds its roots in the days of pioneers when people lived off the land. When you think of the word rustic you might think of a cabin in the mountains with a broad stone fireplace and lots of wooden elements. 


The rustic style is a great choice because it is sustainable and often incorporates reclaimed furniture and organic materials. The rustic style is simple and rugged, a call back to the early days of civilization when we had a respectful relationship with Mother Nature and only took what we needed. 


To create a rustic look, stick with earthy colors you’d find in the wild like red wood, grey stone, or forest green. Choose sturdy wooden furniture and re-purposed accessories like empty crates and antique books along with large windows to embrace the outside world. 


A key element to Rustic kitchens is a wood-burning fireplace or stovetop. In pioneer days the fireplace provided warmth, light, and a place to cook. Exposed wood beams are another commonly used feature in the rustic style. They provide a cozy, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing addition to any kitchen.  


The goal of the rustic kitchen is to use the resources available to you from nature, blurring the lines between inside and outside, creating a space that is both functional and sustainable. 


For the rustic kitchen look for:


  • Nature-inspired accessories
  • Rugged textiles
  • Wood-burning fireplace or stove
  • Re-purposed furniture
  • Exposed wooden beams
  • Natural materials like stone and wood


Expert tips on creating a rustic kitchen:

  • Stick to earthy materials  [wooden floor planks + granite countertops]
  •  Combine re-purposed furniture with nature-inspired accessories [sturdy wooden table + artificial antlers]
  • Incorporate raw wood elements with a wood-burning fireplace [round log beams + wood-burning stove]

Final Thoughts

If you value function over fashion and like your home to have purpose, the rustic style kitchen is a perfect choice for you. Typically conservation-minded, you’ll be able to repurpose old antique pieces made with tried and tested materials like linen, wool, or burlap, all while creating a cozy, warm environment for you and your loved ones. 


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